Joining Dragon Archers is simple. Just send us an email using our contact form! Anyone over 10 years old who has completed a beginner course can join us.


HOW Can I become a member of Dragon Archers? 

Dragon Archers runs small intimate beginner training courses for anyone looking to take up archery as a sport. There are limited numbers and courses are run on an adhoc basis.


A great introduction to target archery, courses are open to all ages from 10 years old and are suitable for both left and right handed people. Each course consists of an avergae of six two hour sessions on a club night. The course will introduce you to target archery, what to expect when you start shooting, including the basics of technique and how to stay safe. This is a practical course, costs £35, and all equipment needed is provided.




Complete a 6 week beginner course to attain the standard required to shoot at an Archery GB affiliated club. This can be completed at any archery club.

Archery GB membership is a staple of Archery in the UK. Although not required to shoot at Dragon Archers you can become an Archery GB member to enable you to shoot in many other clubs and competitions nationwide.

Once a member of Dragon Archers you can strive to perfect your skills and learn from friendly experienced members.

Complete a Beginners Course

Become a member of Archery GB (Optional)

Become a member of Dragon Archers

Archery can end up being an expensive sport but it does not have to be that way.

Starting a new sport can be pricey, there is so much to consider. But it does not need to be that way. The basics you need to start in archery and the costs are below.


Club Membership - £40 per year (Renewed annualy in October).

Archery GB membership - Voluntary. Not needed to join Dragon Archers. Details of current membership rates can be found on the Archery GB website here.

Dragon Archers Line Fees  - £5 - Adult Member / £2.50 Junior Member / £7.50 Visitors (per attendance) Equipment can be hired at £2.50 per session.

Beginner Course - £35  (One off course fee, all equipment supplied by Dragon Archers).

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